Mgr. Martin Betinec, Ph.D.
Areas of research: multidimensional statistics
doc. PhDr. Jiří Buriánek, CSc.
Areas of research: sociological methodology
PhDr. Jana Duffková, CSc.
Areas of research: sociology of lifestyle (leisure time,…), sociology of culture, futurology, information literacy in sociology (research methodologies)
Doc. PhDr. Dana Hamplová, Ph.D.
Areas of research: sociology of family, sociology of health
Eva Richter
Responsibilities: Studies abroad, incoming students and staff, study applicants
Areas of research: environmental sociology, environmental policy, sociology of risk,information literacy in sociology
Mgr. Petr Lupač, Ph.D.
Responsibilities: Doctoral studies, Admission process
Areas of research: general sociology, sociology of mass and new media, sociology of science and technology
Jaromír Mazák
Areas of research: political sociology, electoral and non-electoral political participation, social movements, activism, welfare state, methodology
Jakub Mlynář
Areas of research: sociological theories, history of sociology
– interpretative, biografical, phenomenological sociology
– collective memory, identity, language and narration, environmental sociology, urban sociology
– qualitative methodology, oral history, genocide studies
Mgr. Dana Mudd, Ph.D.
Areas of research: sociology of work and organization, organizational change, organizational development, management, management consulting
Mgr. Zuzana Podaná, Ph.D.
Areas of research: social deviance, criminology, methodology
PhDr. Richard Růžička CSc.
Areas of research: general sociology, sociology of socioeconomic and professional layers (small entrepreneurs, teachers), sociology of participatory processes, partnership sociology
PhDr. Markéta Sedláčková, Ph.D.
Areas of research: value orientations in society
Ing. Martina Sieber, Ph.D.
Areas of research: business economics, finance
Mgr. Jan Sládek
Responsibilities: Erasmus programme
Areas of research: history of social thought, sociology of human settlements
Doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt, CSc.
Areas of research: sociological theories, historical sociology, public opinion
PhDr. Jiří Trunda
Areas of research: sociology of management  and organization, Management
PhDr. Jiří Vinopal, Ph.D.
Head of the department
Areas of research: methodologies of sociological research, sociology of public opinion
Doc. Ing. Josef Vlček CSc.
Areas of research: general economics
Anna Vostruhová
Responsibilities: Departmental study agenda, contact person for students
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