The Faculty of Arts of Charles University offers BAs in Sociology, Sociology and Economics, and a combined BA programme in Sociology and Demography. The latter programme is run jointly with the Faculty of Sciences of Charles University, which organises the exam for entry into the programme. The department also offers MA and PhD programmes in Sociology. More information on individual programmes and courses is available by following the Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree links under the Prospective Students tab on this page. All programmes are taught in Czech.

The Department of Sociology seeks to guide its students to work actively, independently, and flexibly. It creates the ideal environment for this by limiting the number of new students admitted to its programmes each year, which allows it to take a genuinely individual approach to students. This strategy reflects the current demands of a labour market that favours flexible, independent professionals that at the same time possess such traditional educational values as free inquiry and personal development. These efforts are supported by the range of staff the department employs, who are recruited from both academic and commercial backgrounds. A compulsory study component for students is that they gain practical experience working for an organisation engaged in sociological research during their course of study. The department also helps students to participate in study abroad programmes, most notably within the Erasmus framework. Students may also take part in work on research projects run by members of the department’s staff and in senior years of study may work on their own student grant-funded projects.

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