Lecture: The demography of post-socialism

Prof. László Kulcsár,

professor of rural sociology and demography and the head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at the Pennsylvania State University

will on

October 17th 4pm at the main building of Faculty of Arts (Jan Palach square), room nr. 200

give a lecture:

The demography of post-socialism: Social and economic challenges

Post-socialism is a unique social, economic, and cultural phenomenon. One particularly interesting aspect of this period was the rapidly changing demographic dynamics. These included falling birth rates, changes in morbidity and mortality statistics, new domestic migration streams, and the suddenly appearing mass international migration as well. The talk focuses on to what extent these trends were really new or simply the continuation of dynamics started well before the collapse of communism. It will also discuss what challenges these demographic trends hold for the future development of post-socialist nations.


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