Kurz na FSV: Elderly Care and Intergenerational Solidarity in International Context

Charles University Jinonice Campus, room J3017

October 15 – Introduction & sem. paper topic selection – (3 hours)
November 5. – 8. – Compact course 4 x 4 hours (16 hours)
29.11. – Student seminar presentations (5 hours).

Guarantor of the course: Prof. Hynek Jeřábek (Charles University)

Guest professors (compact course): Prof. Ariela Loewenstein (Haifa University),
Prof. Ruth Katz (Haifa University & Yezreel Academic College)

Credits: 8 ECTS Credits

Please express your interest in the course attendance by registration to the SIS and/or by sending a message to prof. Hynek Jerabek hynek.jerabek@gmail.com

Final decision about your course enrolment will be made after appraisal of your specific interests: field of study, dissertation or thesis topic, attendance of preparatory courses, recommendation of your teacher or thesis supervisor.

Course Description

To describe and analyze the various needs of elders' care in the context of the family, community and formal and informal services. To present the relevant and central theories (e.g., life course, exchange theory; activity and disengagement theories; modernization, continuity). To discuss empirical findings of several international research projects on intergenerational family relations. This, in order to understand the intricate relations in multi-generational families, emphasizing social, cultural, demographic, political and economic related factors. During the course the above issues will be discussed in an international perspective focusing on the unique situation in the multi-cultural society of Israel.

Student Requirements

Preparatory reading of suggested bibliography. Regular attendance of lectures. Selection of the topic for individual seminar paper (due to the introductory lecture on October 15 th ). Short seminar paper (7-10 pages incl. references). Presentation of the paper (on November 29 th ).

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